We Are Not Missing


An International Missing Children's Conference taking place in Portsmouth UK has refused to discuss the issue of hundreds of children reported missing who's whereabouts are known and are part of international custody disputes.  Please sign this petition in regard to freedom of speech.
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  NCMEC by the NumbersAccording to them 2,000 children go missing every day. If this were true, then during the time they have been in existence, a population the size of the state of New York would be missing, vanished. Yet the NCMEC has only 2,482 persons on their books listed as missing AND admittedly 400 of those are custodial disagreements between parents. So how are your tax dollars (30 million) being spent by the NCMEC? It's time to start asking questions folks. Click the link to read on, I am quoted in this article. NCMEC by the Numbers...
  An interesting Article about the NCMEC and their highly paid staff: St Petersburg times * *Also look at Response from the NCMEC *  

**When you look at missing posters from now on will you wonder if you are being conned?

 New web site that specifically addresses the issue of MISSING CHILD FRAUD http://ncmec.eu/ 

If We Are Not Missing, Then Where Are We?

 We are in the UK where we have legally lived (with my ex husband's permission. See Court Orders ) for the last 12 years, patiently waiting for him to come to the UK to sort his issues out, regarding the children. 

Unfortunately, the behaviour of my ex husband Mr Bobo, (who currently works at Arkansas Children's Hospital) began deteriorating in November 2004 when he was confronted with a contempt charge for back child support and continued to the extent that the children refused to have contact with him in November 2005.  After months of emotional harassment from their father, to change their residence, my son explained in an e mail why he is refusing contact with his father, we (of course) were accused of writing the e mail and "brainwashing" the children. What has happened since then truly defies logic and belief.  (Timeline) 


Recently I came across these items (and others) posted on the Internet where my ex husband has made more than a few erroneous reports in regard to my children and myself. I have created this page in order to set the record straight. 

These vicious attacks on my family have been very hurtful to the children and our extended family.  Yes, they ARE slanderous because I have documentation to prove otherwise but I lack the funds in order to file anymore lawsuits and it is obvious that the court in the town in which he lives is a law unto it's own and any legal response will open my family up for a fresh round of attacks and give this man even more of the attention he craves.   

Here is the Link to the Missing Children Report on the NCMEC and the News report on KTHV in Arkansas  











 As you can see these reports have been very distressing for my family since we have legally lived in the UK since August 2001 when Mr Bobo signed the court document allowing me to move the UK with full custody of my children.

TIMELINE will explain the events leading up to this whole horrible mess with links to all documentation in support of the facts stated.

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